Denham Springs, Louisiana Real Estate News

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Contrary to expectations, mortgage rates moved down Monday, Aug. 8, the first business day after Standard & Poors downgraded the United’ States credit rating from AAA to AA-plus.

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Level driveway: Since I have school-age kids I’m looking for a level driveway where they can take off with their bikes and not end up with a concussion. My husband also is a vintage car enthusiast and he can’t worry about his cars’ brakes losing control on the downhill. We had a semi-steep driveway growing up and my brother had a bad accident with his dirt bike thanks to the sharp decline and some sand.

Wooed by low interest rates and the constant media barrage of real estate chennai news, people wanted to get in on the action. Not only was real estate going to be a great investment, but it was also a booming industry, and therefore something new and exciting to get involved with. Home buyers didn’t do their homework in terms of checking out their lenders, and they went for the teaser rate loans. They did not budget for rainy days, or the eventual slow down of the real estate market. Now many of these people are in trouble, with seemingly little that they can do about it.

Note also that banks were the recipients of billions of stimulus money. They aren’t hurting no matter what they claim. So, the second part of this puzzle is that we know that banks have money and they can pay their bills.

You’ve lived in your house less than two years. Chances are you haven’t had enough time to accumulate equity in your home. Indeed, you may have negative equity, if you live in many areas such as California, Florida, Arizona or Nevada.

The number for average 30-year rates came with an average 0.7 point and was up from 4.32 percent last week. The rate averaged 5.07 percent a year ago.

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