10 Pieces Of Drone Software To Enhance Your Flight Capability

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Using advanced multi-agent data collection algorithms and mission dynamics AI, we have built the technology that makes aerial surveys of any scale or shape possible, faster, cheaper and easier. AI highlights areas of interest within vast amounts of data, resulting in actionable business insights. ANRA Technologies is a leading international provider of end-to-end drone operations and traffic management solutions for unmanned system operators and airspace managers. ANRA offers intelligent https://globalcloudteam.com/ and modular traffic management software capabilities as part of the SmartSkiesTM family for UAS Traffic Management and Urban Air Mobility operations. For organizations that need an enterprise-class drone operations solution, we offer SmartSkiesTM Mission ManagerTM and for delivery solutions, we offer SmartSkiesTM Delivery. The platforms have been rigorously tested and vetted by the world’s foremost government aviation authorities and are operational today in multiple locations worldwide.

  • This is a complete software suite made up of a number of different applications that are designed to provide the ultimate mapping and surveying solution for a range of different industries.
  • Another great thing about Pix4D is its device and platform compatibility.
  • In fact, it claims to be the only drone mapping software with a mobile, desktop, and cloud platform, so you and your team can access it with any device and easily share data instantly on the cloud.
  • SOARIZON enables pilots, managers, and businesses to simply schedule, send and fly, safe and compliant drone missions all over the world.
  • It allows you to manage tens to thousands of drones, get flight authorization in real time, use assisted manual and automated flight modes, and it automatically uploads data and imagery to the cloud.
  • Another type is drone video editing software, although this is more used by hobbyists and professional videographers rather than large companies.

Raptor Maps is a notable drone mapping software due to its unique application. While most mapping programs are geared towards industries like construction and agriculture, Raptor Maps is built specifically for mapping and inspecting solar panel systems. There are four different licensing options for this drone mapping software. The price we’ve listed is for the Agriculture version, which is online only and offers real time 2D mapping, 2D field reconstruction, and 2D multispectral reconstruction. This drone software uses a unique pay-as-you-go model that charges $0.02 per MP of drone imagery. So, a high resolution model of a 15 acre area costs just $80, which makes it ideal for smaller businesses that would rather not shell out the thousands of dollars some other drone mapping software cost.

Dji Terra

SmartSkies provides end-to-end capability by connecting vendors, customers, and drone providers in the same ecosystem. Drone service providers are integrated with our customizable solution that supports their end-user anywhere in the world. Automatically capture your drone flights and pilot data, meet compliance requirements, discover early signs of problems to prevent surprises, effortlessly track maintenance, and live stream anywhere. We have plans for everyone from the hobbyist to commercial fleet operators with thousands of flights. We are a committed team of drone enthusiasts with a mission to help keep your aircraft ‘airworthy’ by analyzing, identifying, and predicting critical failures and optimizing flight performance.

Verifly is also a great solution to simplify your insurance needs. It allows you to manage tens to thousands of drones, get flight authorization in real time, use assisted manual and automated flight modes, and it automatically uploads data and imagery to the cloud. Provides advanced drone management with flight planning and logging capability. There are also three data capture applications – Pix4Dcapture, Pix4Dcatch, and Pix4Dscan. DroneDeploy is a highly popular and reliable drone mapping software that’s used by more than 5,000 companies across the world.

Rapid distribution of service bulletins, airworthiness directives and configuration-related issues to the entire user base. Built on AI and blockchain, SkyGrid takes a smarter approach to solving airspace management for drones, air taxis, and other unmanned aircraft. Our AerialOS™ monitors, predicts, and adapts to changes in airspace traffic, environment conditions, and vehicle performance to enable safe, autonomous flight. Ensure compliance with blockchain technology that mandates the airspace rules.

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VHive is the only end-to-end software solution that enables enterprises to create digital twins of their field assets and operations using autonomous drone hives from a single drone to multiple drones. Simply plan your drone mission, launch your drones with a press of a button and get fast and accurate results, all complexities handled. We empower enterprise customers to digitize their assets and generate digital twins to visualize, analyze, simulate, and improve assets and processes over time. Choose between enabling your workforce to use off-the-shelf drones and operate them with minimal training or benefit from our global field operations network.

Compare The Top Drone Management Software Of 2022

Police, firemen, and first responders perform critical life-saving work with the help of drones nationwide. We assist with fleet operations management, real-time video streaming, and remote identification. AlarisPro is a comprehensive UAS fleet management SaaS platform that provides real-time data and component-level tracking to optimize fleet operations. The UAS community operates a great number of shared technology and components without sharing information about their performance, reliability and incidents. Reliable early warnings based on statistically relevant crowdsourced de-identified data from multiple users. High-quality collaborative data informing component performance and issues as a basis for predictive and non-scheduled maintenance.

Support safe and compliant drone operations with AirMap’s Global UTM Platform. That’s why we partner with regulators, authorities, enterprises, UAS solution providers, and pilots to develop the digital infrastructure, standards, and services for drones to fly safely at scale. UTM and U-space platform for airspace managers and public authorities. AirMap Defense Group is AirMap’s defense & security business unit focused on providing mission-critical technologies to the US Department of Defense. ADG supplies secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that help government agencies fill technology gaps, drive efficiencies, and perform essential operations. Design custom site maps and control who sees them to maximize safety and efficiency of enterprise drone operations.

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Members can view edits made by other team members, or duplicate flight parameter settings for new missions. Manage pilots and drones through the creation of teams, making missions more coordinated. Designate roles with different permissions to improve communication. Track the status of aircrafts to make proactive purchasing and maintenance decisions. Is one of the most popular management solutions for commercial drone services operators.

Raptor Maps

The ultimate drone management software to transform your commercial drone missions. Bring efficiency, oversight and compliance to your drone operations. SOARIZON enables pilots, managers, and businesses to simply schedule, send and fly, safe and compliant drone missions all over the world. Whether you are an amateur pilot wanting to develop your skills, a small business looking to scale, or a large enterprise making data-driven decisions. The easy-to-use online platform enables you to extend your capabilities, grasp emerging opportunities and realize the full potential of drones. SOARIZON by Thales brings a unique perspective to the unmanned flight industry, combining a wealth of UAS expertise with the robust aviation and aerospace heritage of Thales.

In terms of precision, the software tags module-level anomalies with 95% accuracy and string-level ones with 99%, so it’s very reliable and gives you the data needed to make informed decisions. Not only does this make managers’ jobs easier, but it also provides a way of sharing accurate progress reports with clients. You simply tell the app where you’re going to fly and it will give you a price for that area.

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Now let’s take a look at the best drone mapping software on the market, starting with the most affordable. Drone mapping software isn’t just used by private companies, but also public service organizations like the police and fire services. Before drones became widespread, the only way to capture aerial data of a building, construction site, or piece of land would be to use a manned aircraft, which is costly, time-consuming, and impractical. With a drone, you can do this in a timely and cost efficient way.

Dji Gs Pro

Helps you detect and measure magnetic fields in your area that could disrupt your flight operations. When in the field, their mobile app shows you weather conditions, and you can pull up checklists to make sure standard operating procedures are being followed. Request permission to fly in controlled airspace directly within the app. Whichever version you go for, DJI Terra stands out for its intuitiveness and excellent usability, as well as its efficiency. For example, it can bulk process up to 400 images or 1GB of RAM at a time, greatly reducing the time spent between data collection and visualization.

Analyze fleet compliance data to establish metrics-based evaluation. Integrated mobile workflows, airspace, authorizations and aircraft operation. Ensure that your team complies with all local and FAA restrictions.

drone software solutions

Dronelink works on the web, iOS, Android, and DJI monitors including the Smart Controller, CrystalSky, and P4P+. Install it on as many platforms as you want without paying twice. Dronelink’s mission planner generates 3D previews drone software solutions of your entire mission plan in seconds. Verify buildings and terrain by exporting the previews to Google Earth. Dronelink enables you to automate every detail of your mission, including all the drone and camera settings.


Mapware is designed for a variety of industries, ranging from oil and gas, utilities and construction to telecoms, agriculture, property management and public safety. It’s also highly reliable, with extremely secure cloud-based systems to keep your data safe. The most obvious use of drone mapping software is that it enables surveyors to collect precise measurements of areas that can then be used in the creation of maps and legal documents such as plots.

You can get started with either a 14-day trial of their Pro solution or use their Explorer plan for free with unlimited flights, 500 photos/map, and 5cm/pixel 2D resolution. Has been on the market for some time now is often said to be one of the most user-friendly UAV mapping solutions available. Mapping, flight logs, weather, analytics — these types of applications can take your flight capability to the next level. Another type is drone video editing software, although this is more used by hobbyists and professional videographers rather than large companies. The best way to get an idea of what’s capable with DroneDeploy is by checking out the case studies it’s made available on its site. Best of all, you’ll always have access to all your source files and models from your Mapware account, and there’s no charge for the unlimited cloud storage it offers.

Avoid and adapt to hazards in-flight with intelligent deconfliction. Optimize drone operations with AI models that predict maintenance needs. Accurately log all flights and service checks with blockchain audit trails. Say goodbye to arduous manual drone flights and embrace autonomy. Enable repeatable drone missions for security, asset monitoring, or progress tracking, wherever you are.

UAVIA Robotics Platform enables smart, collaborative operation of autonomous drones harvesting data and processing them into high-value insights, ensuring your data sovereignty from data collection to business. UAVIA has developed a unique patented cloud control technology providing one single platform for a wide range of connected and autonomous robots. UAVIA Embedded Module allows drones to be connected and operated fully remotely through any wireless IP links such as 4G or 5G. Simplify your drone operations, safety management, and compliance though DroneLogbook’s comprehensive management platform. We take care of the administrative tasks so you can focus on flying.

While DiaB systems hold immense potential, their adoption today is very limited owing to their complexity and prohibitive cost. FlytNow helps convert almost any popular off-the-shelf drone, coupled with one of the many low-cost docking stations, into a full-fledged DiaB system. This modular design allows drone service providers to cater to a wide range of end-user requirements and deploy DiaB systems at scale.

Previously, this required expensive and time consuming manned aircrafts. Perhaps the industry with most to gain from utilizing drone mapping software is agriculture, enabling farmers to map and monitor fields more efficiently than ever before. It provides some of the most important logging, tracking, planning, and management features a professional pilot needs — all in one place. In fact, it was awarded a $6m contract to map and survey US military bases to monitor endangered species, animal behavior and habitat conditions. In this guide, we rank the best drone mapping software for different applications and industries, covering all the key features you need to know to make the right choice. Whether you want to create full color point clouds, orthomosaic maps, 3D textured meshes, thermal maps, index maps, or digital surface models, you can do it all with Pix4Dmapper.