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Of course that’s just one of the great things about this. The overeating squirrels will never get to the seeds as the dispensing holes are way too small for the squirrels to get through. Put out only as much food as the birds will eat each day. Proudly made in the USA and is easy to install on a tubular feeder with the included threaded black plug.

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  • The reason mine is so high is that I wanted to have several other feeders below the post mounted feeder, and a bird feeder should be at least 5 feet off the ground.
  • It’s usually under $20, and it comes extremely well-reviewed.
  • Buy a diorama craft pumpkin, cut drainage holes in the bottom, add autumn embellishments, hang with twine, add seed, and feed!
  • Then poke two holes at the top of the carton and feed in fishing wire or other sturdy string, so you can hang the feeder from a tree or porch.

Most important, feeding and viewing a bird can be beautiful and restorative, especially when done responsibly. We have two platform bird feeder plans for you to build. One is a fairly simple design, the other a little more complex with added perches. These feeders have large holes, so the birds have to work to get peanuts out. Platform bird feeders are generally similar in style but can vary greatly in size and material.

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Punch best espresso machine two holes half an inch below the hole and pass a chopstick through them. Plastic bottles, empty milk and juice cartons, old mismatched tableware, etc., are some things you will find at every home. With these ideas, you will be able to upcycle them and make some beautiful DIY bird feeders for kids. These DIY bird feeders for kids are made out of eco-friendly materials. To come up with the top bird feeders, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as Home Depot, Lowes, Target and Wayfair along with our own personal experience. If squirrels try to walk across the wire, they will fall.

Nature Anywhere Window Bird House Feeder

All feed compartments are transparent making it easier to monitor food level so I do not need to worry about whether they have something to feast on or not. Considering both functionality and style, I think this product is the prettiest bird feeder so far. This very stylish bluebird feeder is perfect for photography enthusiasts as capturing bluebirds in this elegant feeder speaks a thousand more words than the pictures. What I like about this product is that it uses recycled materials to form a durable construction. It is made from recycled milk jugs, and the design is similar to a birdhouse with two medium-sized window holes covered with heavy acrylic on two parallel sides.

With fly-through openings, birds can easily access their food from all four sides, and the roof of the covered-bridge design keeps the seed dry. The feeding platform is equipped with a drainage system to prevent mold growth. Due to its open design, cleaning and replenishing this feeder are easy tasks. Enjoy watching the birds as they sit on the perches encircling this hopper-style bird feeder from Perky-Pet. Made of copper-colored metal, the roof protects the seed from the rain, and a clear plastic cylinder holds up to 2 pounds of birdseed.

This one, made from crystal-clear acrylic, is a customer favorite, with an average 4.6 stars from more than 14,700 reviewers. It features three large suction cups and a removable birdseed tray, with holes on the bottom to prevent mold from growing. And don’t worry – each and every one of our feeders is made from American materials in Amish woodshops in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

Copper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Cardinals and larger birds make good use of the tray that goes all the way around. This easy-to-fill, easy-to-hang feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee that also covers squirrel damage. A station feeder is your best bet if you want to attract a variety of birds to your backyard. This one has six decorative hooks and comes with three tube feeders and a suet feeder, plus a platform feeder and water tray. The top hooks are adjustable and the two pole hooks slide up and down. The feeder stands more than 6 feet tall, made from rust-resistant, powder-coated steel with a five-prong base for securing it in the ground.

At least this is true for GrayBunny GB-6851, which comes in large birdseed tray with drain holes to keep the expensive seeds dry all throughout. Aside from its pretty design, this feeder is large enough to accommodate few cardinals and blue jays along with cute and fancy looking birds. No wonder expert birders rated this up to the 5 in their window bird feeder reviews because of its quality and durability. When placed a bit low, squirrels may find it so make sure it is up and away from anything squirrels can possibly climb unto. What better way to stop squirrel from even trying when they can’t, with their small legs, can’t even reach the seeds.